Now that the sensational, front page campaign of me too movement and all its hype has gone down, we can finally sit down and analyze and understand what this movement was about and what it became.

It’s very saddening when we come to know or read a piece of news stating that a woman has experienced sexual harassment or violence. Not a new thing, most of the women have gone through this!

When one comes up, share their horrifying stories: it gives courage to others that we are not the one, nor alone, where culture has always taught you to zip up your mouth, no matter what happens.



ME TOO movement is a social movement nationally and internationally working on sexual harassment and sexual assault at the workplace. This two word hashtag spread in 2017 on social media to expose issues related to sexual harassment and assaults that are widely prevalent in the workplace particularly.

Since then, millions of people have used the hashtag to come forward with their experiences, including many celebrities.


2017, October few women in New York came up and spoke about their horrifying nightmare- “Sexual Harassment”. They broke the chain of silence and opened up about their suffering.
In just a couple of days, the hashtag  #MeToo spread all over the world like wildfire.

Other people got the courage and fearlessly came up with their horrifying experiences too.
It wasn’t supposed to be a flourishing battle or a hashtag that is here today and overlooked tomorrow.  It was a catchphrase to be utilized from survivor to survivor to tell people that they were not the only ones.

What’s going on now is amazing and I salute it and the ladies who have dared to come up for sharing their stories, what so ever was the intensity of ‘me too’. Just on the grounds that somebody hasn’t said “me too” doesn’t mean they haven’t encountered the harassment.

For those who do speak up and share their stories, there are other people who are thinking of  “me too,” however not saying it. On the off chance that this is you, I understand, and you don’t owe anybody that information.

But somehow this whole concept of “#metoo” has been turned into a childish and immature game! Why do people feel the need to be a part of everything on social media?  What about the people who actually had to go through such a terrifying situation in life? Now that they finally found the courage to come out after so many years, the whole objective behind this movement is undermined because of a few people who don’t understand the gravity of the movement and misuse it for selfish purposes.

And out of these lumps of cases revealed regularly many of the tweets are only to defame the guy. Take the example of a few cases in which before a month or two nobody cared who they were and where were they..and now suddenly they are so in limelight, media is dying to get a chance to interview them and all and a few days back even I was checking their Instagram profile all because of this Me too hype! Almost everyone is supporting them as if they all knew what actually happened!?

You know why?

Because of our mentality, “a girl is innocent until proven guilty and a guy is guilty until proven innocent”!

And this thing is destroying the lives of so many guys, to such an extent that they had to leave a movie because of this!
Why? Were they proven guilty yet? This is not just the right thing to do in my opinion!
By not taking action, you give that guy a message that every girl is weak and he can do the same thing with other girls!

And don’t take me wrong! I am not against girls here! But I am against the thing that a guy’s life gets destroyed AS SOON AS a girl accuses him of doing something like this!

We often watch movies and all like courtroom dramas and we all already have decided who is the one guilty there. If it’s a case of molestation, then the guy is automatically guilty.  If it is a case of an accident between a luxury car and a two-wheeler, then the car person is automatically guilty. This should stop and, to be honest, I think that the people taunting the courts of India for stretching a case over years is also bullshit because you never know if it’s a fake molestation case or not! The bottom line is WE CANNOT DECIDE WHETHER A PERSON IS GUILTY OR INNOCENT UNTIL IT IS PROVEN. NO MATTER A GIRL OR A BOY, RICH OR POOR.

Because I’ve seen guys humble than a girl; a rich more innocent than a poor.

When this campaign is for both a girl and a boy, then why only girls in this campaign are raising their voices! Hello, my friends not only girls are molested, but even males are also molested by females.
Why aren’t the boys raising their voices?
Just because of the stereotype, the pressure of society, people will laugh at them? Because “you got molested? Lol? Are you even a guy!?”
This is the truth! If you couldn’t speak up at the time it happened..why do it now also!? Just a simple question! And I’ll be glad if someone can change my views on this!

Being a girl I understand, Any kind of sexual assault or harassment is traumatic and painful to go through. It’s not easy for everyone to instantly come up and report such things. Every woman or even man reacts and copes with such traumatic experiences differently. Saying that people should react instantly is just trivializing what they went through. Did you see the women who came up against it? They were either a struggler in Bollywood or a newcomer and when you are in such a stage of your career would you dare to fight with the huge tycoons of Bollywood who can easily ruin your career as well as your life by a snap of their fingers. And some of them are pure publicity stunt image.

Or what if newcomers are doing this for attention! You see? I am not judging anyone here! I am not saying that all these people who are accusing are point is why are we blaming the accused before the actual judgment!? It is destroying lives too right? Don’t do all this on social media because people are always ready to listen to some spicy news and above that, they are more interested in other’s life.

Even if you are traumatized and now after a year or two you feel like raising your voice, do it in a proper way right?

Just go file a complaint against that person. But most of them won’t because they don’t want any official investigations going on..just some social media attention!

Do you get my point?

What do you think about it ???

Please give your views in the comment section below !!

Happy reading!


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