“You will never understand the damage you did to someone until the same thing is done to you”  – Karma
Every human being on this planet has his or her karma, whether we are aware of it or not.
I’ve heard people talking about “good karmas” and ” bad karmas* “.
Though the word karma is very popular and we are generally used to it, people have different opinions, presumption, ideas about karma.
Did you people notice I, again and again, emphasized on the word KARMA?

So the question now arises is   –



Karma is an extension of Physic’s Third Law of action and reaction of Newton, where your deed of any kind including words, thoughts, feelings, will eventually have a reaction.
Karma is not about Punishment or Reward. It makes a person responsible for their own life, and how they treat other people.
The most famous saying  Treat everyone as to how you wanted to be treated.”


Karma is the result of those preceding actions which have to be manifested accordingly. If you throw the stone, it must definitely fall down; each of our actions, too, which includes our words or even thoughts.
Some people just blame God for all their miseries that are often the result of careless and irresponsible actions.
For eg: many live a sedentary life and have no control over what they eat and drink, and consequently get sick.
Knowing well the ill effects of their negative actions, people make wrong choices most of the time, and when they reap the consequences of their irresponsible actions, they consider it as God’s punishment.!
It is like a man playing with fire and at the same time screaming for God’s help.
God, neither punishes nor rewards you. Even the laws of nature do not punish or reward.
We chose to do negative actions, but blame God for the consequences of our choices!
Now if you have done something wrong, no amount of prayers can help you but rather it gives you the energy to face that difficult situation.


So it is good to pray and at the same time, it is also important to be good and do good.
God is your best friend, but ‘God helps those who help themselves’
whatever you do will hit you back. KARMA




                                                         To predict future is difficult.
                                                        To create the future is easier.
                                        Use the law of karma to create your future.     
                                                                                    ~ Grand Master Choa Kok Sui
“Mutthi mein hai taqadir hamari”…which means that destiny is in our hands.
People spend a great amount to have insight to their future and also spend a fortune in gems to escape from difficulties of life. They visit many astrologers, tarot card readers, Pandits and what not. Instead of going there and helping a needy, the good karma he’ll generate can make his future a good one.
Gems and rituals have nothing to do with your destiny.


Even the people who advise you to wear it, they themselves are not free from it.  These things just uplift your energy level, that’s it…but cannot write off your karmic debts. You need to generate good karma to neutralize them.
A man’s life is similar to that of a farmer’s: You reap what you sow. He sows the seed in the soil and waits for the results.
According to Buddha, “whatever happens to us is our karma.”


If you win a lottery,  it’s because of your good doings in the past.


If we met with an accident …obviously, it’s because of our bad deeds.


The very first thing you need to do is to realize what you are “sowing” because that will definitely come back to you later.
For eg, If we steal then, undoubtedly the same thing is going to happen with us too.
Karma is something that exists even today; it is something made by us, and we will have to experience it whether we like it or not. But the way how karma will appear is totally in our hands.
In a practical way, it means that karma will take the same form of a picture as we think, act and talk – if we envy somebody, then we emit darkness, or if we only wish good things to somebody, then we emit light.


If a man does something good which is helpful for people who are really in need of help, then he creates good karma. If we look at this situation practically, it means that when he will need help, then somebody will help him too – as he helped others.
If we look at this precisely, then this man created beautiful vibrations, which are attracting similar situations he had created with his good action before.


This karma also protects us, against dark vibrations or the negative energies.
It will also stop help him from doing bad things. But if man did something good for others only from his own point of view,
for example, if he conducts himself nicely in the eyes of his surroundings, or just to get an advantage – thus for creating some good vibrations, which will give him good karma – then he creates a layer of darkness around himself, this prevents good karma from coming to him; thus, he alone will forfeit it.


Likewise, all other dark vibrations made by human thoughts, words, and actions, prevent good karma from taking its effect.


Nevertheless, it also works vice versa – if man spreads purity and light, or if he acts, talks or thinks with love in mind, then these bright deeds become a shield which will protect him against the effects of bad karma. This is indeed a great grace and opportunity for compensation for his bad deeds.
just believe in yourself and do good to others !


If man tries to change himself by thinking, talking and doing only good deeds, even if he had the heaviest and darkest karma in the world, this could prevent from having any hard impact on him and karma could express itself without any serious strike.


It is possible to do so, but not all of us can make these changes immediately. Therefore, it is essential to start with these good deeds as soon as possible.


Certain bad habits and reliability can make the man’s soul even darker. Many people could avoid many hard rocks of life by getting rid of things which make their consequences worst.
It is the completely based on a very simple principle – you just need to watch the life around you and perceive human lives and life situations.


            KARMA WILL DO ITS WORK !!!

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