The Youth comprises of the maximum population in India. But the lifestyle of today’s youth is well equipped with new devices, cell phones, and applications for organizing their everyday life. These apps have made their life so effortless.
Some examples of these apps are: if you lost your phone (for iPhone users) by using the application phone finder you can track the location of your phone, another app for women is the period tracker. It keeps track of your menstrual cycles with Period Calendar and many more.

It is increasingly common for them to arrange things “in a hurry”, and keeping in touch with peers is as of now part of their everyday schedule. They feel if they don’t possess these ‘cool stuff’, like iPhone, a lot of cash, pubbing, and the list is endless, at that point it will affect their image in college campus or their common hang-out.

impact of social media on youth



Youth are generally referred to as youthful people of a country. In India, every third person is a youth. They are a bundle of energy, enthusiasm, power. Set of people ready to explore and learn from everything around them. They are diligent, vibrant and dynamic in nature.

Our young generation of today has both good qualities and a few deficiencies in them. This age has a progression of understandings and feelings that the past ages did not have. In the meantime, they likewise have some disrespectful and negative moral qualities which must be expelled from their character.

It isn’t possible to expel these features from them without keeping in mind and respecting the great characteristics that they have – meaning their understandings, feelings and other emotions they possess.

There is no dead end in life. In the past ages, the people were not as open as the age of today.

And today we just criticize them, slander them, make faces at them and what not.

We are continuously crying out to them that the movie cinemas are like this, the theatres are such, the dance halls are like this, you don’t study though we know that this is not the correct method to follow.

So, many have nailed this on the head. It’s dead to us. Facebook is something we all got in the middle of our school.  It’s weird and can even be irritating to have Facebook at times… At the point when your relative asks you, you don’t have a Facebook Account, that is significantly more abnormal and irritating. Weird due to the social Pressure.



Innovation has obviously turned to rule some portion of our day to day lives. Kho-kho, Kancha or Gilli-danda has now been substituted by Mini Militia, PUBG, Temple run, angry birds etc. Some people play these games just because their friends do. Some just go sleepless nights playing these games and then oversleep the other day followed by skipping of meals and further complains of health issue.

way of life

The food habits of youth have been changed. They are more dependent on Chinese nourishment and other street food rather than the healthy one. KFC and Mc Donald have turned out to be compulsory. They pay no attention to the serious drawbacks of junk food out of which the most common is the weight gain, effect on Cardiovascular Health too and many more. This has caused growing concern for national wellbeing.

junk food


Youth begins taking drugs, liquor and what not just under the influence of fashion. They gladly admit that they drink, smoke and disregard traffic rules.

Despite the fact that there are innumerable pros of innovation because of which the lifestyle of youngsters has been positively influenced.


The young age is addicted to social sites.


It’s peers, not parents, who have the more noteworthy impact on kids’ personalities. Once parents contribute their genes, their contribution is about done. It’s the environment outside of the home, that influences children the most.

I am influenced by both my parents and peers. My parents influence me to think and choose my career wisely. They let me realize that I need to progress and achieve my objectives. They let me know that they want me to try to reach my goals, even if I fall short. Things like drugs or violence aren’t even issues; my parents made it clear years ago that behavior involving either was not going to be tolerated.

I know that there are some teens who come from homes where the parents don’t care, less whether they go to school, as long as the children go out. There are some parents who involve themselves in ridiculous behavior, smoking marijuana(weed) with their kids as if it is a family activity. That’s scary. Actually beyond my imagination.

But I feel blessed to be part of a family that wants me to go far in life; the influence of my parents and peers overlap.


If you’re going somewhere interesting, you’re required to post a photo online as an evidence of your awesome experience or else the world will think it didn’t happen. Not to mention, the grand announcement on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp Story seems to be more important than the actual event.

First dates must be announced with pictures of the great-looking partner. Photos taken during the date are more important to show your friends how cute was your date, instead focussing on the quality and personality of the person you dated. And when it’s the time for a night out, selfies or Instagram stories are must or it didn’t happen.

It’s none other than PEER PRESSURE.

Teens face pressure from a multitude of sources: self-inflicted, peer, parental, and societal pressure compounded by the hormonal changes, continuously cut the ground from under their feet and feed into their insecurities. Adolescence is the time when people start making their own decisions, search for the ways to express themselves, and benchmark their worth against one another.

Starbucks, Barista, Subway etc.

FRIEND:  Come-on you don’t like their foods/beverages???

ME: Excuse me!!  you know what, other nearby restaurants can make better, less expensive eatables for you. Why wasting money on this.

Yes, I have tried most of them that’s why I have pointed out these brands.

Yes, I Know you have seen many TV series, movies and you are huge Christopher Nolan’s, Katherine Langford, Ledger’s fan. Memorizing the actors, directors name just to show that You are western blood and closely belong to them doesn’t sound cool for most of us.

We have great gems too, you could be a fan of Hirani’s, Nasaruddin’s, Nana Patekar’s, Siddiqui’s, Rajkumar Rao’s if you prefer watching their work.

YouTube, being one of the biggest platforms online, has the ability to rule over the viewers, either in a positive or negative way.

Consider digital video as their daily lifeline.

13-to-24-year-olds watch content from the start of their day (such as before school or work) straight through to the evening hours.

A survey said that digital video serves as a mood lifter (57%) and stress reliever (61%), as well as a way to stay up to date on what’s trending or new (60%), to learn how to do something (47%) or to lull oneself to sleep (44%).

Social media can influence individuals’ feelings also. Studies demonstrate that individuals can compare themselves with celebrities or their peers that they see on the internet and put themselves down. Individuals who are more active on social media, have a tendency to be sadder and have a poor confidence than individuals who aren’t utilizing as much social media.

I think now and then the things that we find in videos or movies can make us less sympathetic. On the off chance that we watch a ton of violent movies, we turn out to be less sensitive and aren’t affected by it.

Since the beginning of time (or if nothing else the beginning of YouTube), people have been laughing out loud at the setbacks of others. PRANK or FAILS videos, a few top comedians like BBK vines, Zakir Khan, Abhishek Upmanyu and many more, account for over a billion of viewers, however, what could it be that makes them so engaging?

People can relate some of the content to their real life. They way they present their content in such a comical or humorous way, connects the viewer to some situations. And then they are urged to watch more and more videos and further sharing them with friends.

With the emergence of new entertainment platforms like Amazon Prime and Hotstar, YouTube is currently holding hands with star YouTubers like EIC(East India Comedy), All India Bakchod (AIB) and Girliyapa, to give some examples, to make socially pertinent content under an activity titled ‘Creators for Change’.

Content that features social issues indicates more viewers. YouTube is planning to take advantage of it. Bollywood on-screen actor Kalki Koechlin’s partnership with AIB and her different works made a significant buzz around socially relevant topics. Indeed, even Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s one-minute video ‘Sixteen Point Six’ produced a ton of enthusiasm on bringing out such content.

Be it body shaming, online bullying or racial discrimination there is a variety of topics and these makers have accomplished a huge number of online subscribers.

For instance, BB Ki Vines, the YouTube channel by Bhuvan Bam, has featured in one of its recordings about the Indian obsession with fair skin; AIB (All India Bakchod ) in one of its recordings underlines the issue of online harassment encountered by ladies and one of the early recordings by Girliyapa discusses marital rape.

So can any anyone explain why individuals get more pulled in to content that has a social message?

All thanks to the media and internet boom, people these days are constantly updated about what is happening around them. In such a scenario, they find content highlighting a social cause, pretty relatable. “So, they end up not just watching, but also sharing the same.


We want to talk about the topics people have been quiet about. We are literally living in a time where politicians are making people laugh and comedians are making people think.

YouTube is the greatest platform and will hopefully use that potential to nurture kids. Adolescents watch about twice as much Netflix as live television, and they observe considerably more YouTube.

By and large, adolescents invest 34% of their video time watching YouTube, contrasted with 27% viewing Netflix, and 14% observing live television.

Today's generation



We are the light without bounds, entertainment is fine up to a certain point, however, we should draw a line between our duty and fun. We should figure out how to be significantly more dependable and see the world in a substantially more extensive point of view. Since everything has its own brighter and negative side.

Certain web series which is a major trend these days amongst the youth, can prove to improve vocabulary, can help us to understand how to tackle real-life situations, how planning- plotting is done. Sacred Games is totally based on the blind faith of people on religion in India, Game of Thrones…The line human can cross to taste the power.


According to digital marketing expert Mr. Abhay Ranjan
Teens spend 1/3rd of the day on the internet consuming social media.
67% of the teens own a smartphone, 53% of teens have their own tablet.

Youth is the pride of the nation. Rather than spending time on social media doing unnecessary things, chatting with friends, watching silly videos, they should consume their time doing a productive task such as creating their presence online.
Some words of him inspire me ” become a content creator, not a content viewer! “

He also adds “this is the golden time to use social media but in the right direction to shape their career. They can learn anything through the internet.

Rather than comparing yourself to big celebrities and demotivating yourself, you can also become the internet sensation but with the effective and efficient use of the internet and social media.

After all, we are the world!!

Let us make it a better one !!

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