If I’m not wrong are you a tobacco darling?  Right?

No problem! Tumor will influence you to quit it.

However, for what reason do you need to really spit anyplace you feel like? Just because you don’t possess that place?

Why don’t you try it out and spit in your homes?

Felt like yukkkk????

Unquestionably, that place is a piece of the surroundings we live in.

I’m pretty sure most of the people are animal lovers!!! I can guarantee you that none of us set out to clean the mess created by our pets. Isn’t that right??

Most of the young girls, ladies or elderly women have encountered eve teasing!!

Right Ladies?

Even a 2 or 3-year-old girl child has gone through this!


Aren’t females the part of this world?

So let me reveal to you these all are the absence of civic sense residing in our country. You must be wondering, 



Civic Sense is nothing but simply social ethics or certain etiquettes which reflects the personality of a person. It can likewise be called as an adequate acceptable behavior in the society.

Social ethics are certain guidelines, rules or standards that ought to be followed for the welfare of the society.

It not just includes keeping the streets, parks, community areas clean yet additionally abiding by the guidelines and the principles or maintaining the decorum in the society.

People are becoming hardhearted of each other, narrow-minded of other’s societies, biased of backgrounds, conservative of beliefs and behavior.

Ignoring the law is a primary or beginning reason for lacking civic sense. I feel exceptionally disheartened when I run over the spit marks, pee, vulgar spray graffiti, flooding garbage at wherever possible. We ourselves are in charge of this set of conditions. Educating our generation civic sense is immensely important.

People are so engrossed in accomplishing their goals that civic sense has been at the bottom of their priority list. This careless or thoughtless attitude could prove exceptionally harmful and unsafe to the society and you yourself.

 lack of civic sense examples

lack of civic sense

 civic sense in schools


As we encourage our kids to practice some healthy habits, for example, brushing at night, washing hands before eating, showering, and other cleaning habits, similarly we ought to inculcate in them the feeling of civic sense. People who don’t look after cleanliness, generally suffer from health issues, infections, various types of diseases and so on. Consequently, we should keep ourselves and our environment clean with a specific aim to be happy and healthy.

At the point when health is concerned be it physically, mentally, socially and psychologically, it’s extremely important to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. On the off chance that a clean environment can keep our mind and body sound; a grimy or a dirty environment can be troublesome for our body and mind. Ailment-causing agents turn out to be very active in the dirty and filthy condition, as a result, individuals become a victim of different sicknesses like dengue, loose bowels, cholera, hepatitis, influenza, and so forth.

We need to step forward and raise our hands together for the upkeep of a clean environment. We should keep our body, mind, homes, avenues, schools, workplaces, and so on areas very clean.


This might be true in other nations, but as far as India is concerned, no matter which state or what background we belong to, we utterly lack civic sense.

We train our children to keep themselves, their things and their homes all together, yet never teach them to keep the neighborhood surroundings, the society, and open property clean and maintained as well. The society is becoming no main concern.

There are numerous nations like India having this issue, but if you look at European countries such as France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, etc., you will find the difference in the minds of the general people. They have exceptionally strict guidelines, people are well educated, they know the impacts of the unhygienic condition. They support the government. Not only Europe if you look at some of our neighbors like China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and so on.

In spite of the fact that we have a large population, we have to change our mentalities. The Chinese likewise has a huge population, however, when it comes to cleaning they are a way ahead of us. We should demonstrate some sense of social responsibility to treat our surroundings, open places as our home. We no need to sweep the roads, but at least throw the waste in the dustbins. Modi government is attempting their best to educate people through campaigns, Swachh Bharat, however, we need to put in some efforts. Our population should become the advantage, but not as a problem.

If this attitude remains the same, parks, roads, streets, community areas will be all littered, because they do not belong to any of us. We believe that the municipality or the government is to look after these, but, what about our contribution? We only contribute filth wherever we can.


An extremely regular sight is a biscuit wrapper being flung out of a speeding car amidst the street. This shows how civic-minded our so-called society is. On the off chance if this is the standard, the less said about others, the better it would be. Another frequent view, the roadside walls or dividers are full of betel nut spit (paan spit).

Is this how we care for our public property? Do we destroy the walls of our homes? No, unquestionably not, then why this indifference for public property? This is because we have turned out narrow-minded and self -focused. We only look at self and nothing else around us. And at the same time if we do not have public amenities – we yell the loudest, blame the municipality, accuse the district, the legislature, the government and who not.

What an irony??!! Enormous Claps!!!!!

civic sense in school examples

A strict action ought to be taken against the ones destroying public property.

Another instance, recently my friend just went for an evening walk and was a victim of eve teasing. 2-3 boys on their bikes began to follow her for some distance and afterward, at a point, they kept honking and passing remarks at her, while she kept on overlooking them. This happened for a good one-kilometer stretch and nobody came to her rescue. By the God’s elegance, she met her old teacher and went with her.

I mean, how can one think of doing this??

Is there any mankind left or not??

Why just females are targeted??

 social responsibility of citizens


Numerous projects, for example, Children’s Movement Civic Awareness (CMCA) has been set up in which students are educated and are provoked to join hands with the authorities and the specialists to keep the city clean by spreading the message of civic rights among people.

Each individual should do his or her bit in keeping the city clean, rather than blaming others.

India is a country that seems to have a decent measure of potential to be a declared as a completely developed country, yet a few issues such as civic sense restrain it.

Some perceivable solutions to these problems are:


Government alone ought not to be in charge for the all the tasks. Citizens need to contribute and take up some responsibilities in their hands. We will have to remove the mentality that its public property, we can throw garbage wherever we want, it is the government’s duty to clean it.


There is a great need to educate people, set up training sessions, and run campaigns. A new subject CIVIC SENSE should be introduced by the education department in each and every school be it government or private. By educating the youngsters in schools through textbooks, pictures, and videos on civic sense, we won’t just make them a better human but also help to rebuild the country.


Media should promote civic sense by telecasting short clips. There are quite a lot of useful and impressive videos already available on the internet on civic sense.

Few of them are definitely known to us, a person spits in front of neighbor’s door. The neighbor cleans it daily and smiles back whenever the guilty one passes by. At last, the guilty person regrets and gives up this habit.

In another, four youngsters dirty a wall. Usually, the passers-by warn and attempt to beat the boys and they disappear, but reappear soon to start dirtying the wall again. This practice goes on until a boy with civic sense appears. He brings water and duster to cleanse the wall dirtied by the boys. He is soon joined by many passers-by in his effort. At last, the trouble-makers too come and help wash/cleanse the wall.



The government and civil society should announce competitions on different aspects of civic sense like cleanliness, courtesy, humility, cooperation, following the law, paying taxes, helping the needy, caring for others, respecting others, tolerance, awareness and sensitivity to others’ rights, sense of duty and service to humanity etc.

These competitions could be used to reward the person with the best civic sense in offices, departments, institutions, localities. Similarly, this competition could be used to determine the best cities, villages, wards, Union councils, and districts on any of the above aspects.


As regards the abundant use of polythene bags, the government should prohibit the carrying of daily items in plastic bags. The ban is already there, but it needs to be implemented.

So now what have you thought???

To make your country a developed one and feel proud of it


remain backward in terms of civic sense???

The Choice is yours!

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Happy Reading !!


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