What is Peer Pressure?

Peers are people whom you socialize with or maybe they belong to your age, interests, or in another way. Peers can include people you are friends with, go to school with, work with or meet at an event. It could be your parents too. So it is almost impossible to get disconnected from them.

Peer pressure is when you are influenced by other people (your peers) to act in a certain way. Peer influence is when you are inclined to do something you wouldn’t do just because you want to feel accepted and valued by your friends and society.
For instance, you want to participate in a singing competition, but your peers, i.e. your friends are not capable of the same, so they begin to demotivate you and eventually you end up by not participating in it or fail to win that competition.
Peer pressure may be referred to as that pressure that we feel from our peer group.

So it is always better to choose a good peer group. This pressure we feel can leave a deep impact on the minds. It could be either positive or negative. You’ll come across all types of people in your life. Some might be jealous of your capabilities or feel less capable than you, from that point they’ll start making you feel demotivated of your strengths. And it’s not like, peer pressure always acts in a negative way. It completely depends on us how we accept it.

For teenagers, certain activities take you away from home, and you may start to spend some more time with your friends rather than with your parents. As you become more independent, i.e. when you are in mid of your teenage, your peers naturally play a major role in your life.

According to scientific research, teens are a champion at making decisions and judgments. But in case of emotional situations, peer influence can be hard to resist—it really has become “pressure”—and you may feel compelled to do something you’re not willing to.

Peer Pressure Affects Mental Health of Girls More Than Boys. Most of the children do not share any emotionally attached issue with their parents, they are afraid of getting a scolding and worried about their reaction. So eventually they go with their friends.
Youth may also begin to question or challenge their family’s beliefs and values, including deeply cherished cultural and religious beliefs. A child who has grown up in a home that taught strict morality, if he suddenly shows an interest in other world religions. Alternatively, a child may lose interest in religion altogether. These sorts of challenges can be deeply painful and difficult for parents to endure.

Peer Pressure Examples

In the era of 21st Century, every parent wants to seek his child like God Ram. When they were at the stage of growth, they broke many rules, but don’t want their child to do the same. My friend has gone through the same case and resulted in DEPRESSION. She is completely born and brought up in a highly strict environment. Her Parents belonged to a well-educated family. And she herself was good at studies. After clearing her 10th std. she was sent for PMT tuitions.

Cause of Peer Pressure

Her cause of depression was that, her father was so strict, every time he used to talk about things of high morality. If a girl has a crush, she is characterless, if a boy looks at a girl or a girl looks at a boy its bad. Don’t do this, this is not good. Restrictions in each and everything. So she too believed in these things. She started teaching the same morality lessons to her friends. And her friends made fun of her for this. Everyone started boycotting her.

This impacted her very badly. She was not wrong but she was brought up in the wrong environment. Parents have to accept that their children are living in this environment only. Certain reality shows like MTV Love school which presents that 10th or 12th Std children are having alcohol, walking hand in hand. Even some movies like “Cocktail” and “Befikre” also presents today’s reality. This is what today’s environment is.

There is nothing wrong with these movies or reality shows. This is what their life is. ACCEPT IT, whether you like it or not!! We have our own definition of good and bad. Yes, but we can surely talk about to our child what’s wrong in these things. We just can’t say this is bad or wrong. The child will get so confused, so frustrated…should I live…or die!!

Peer Pressure Quotes 

never judge others

People who don’t own a girlfriend or boyfriend are more under peer pressure than who owns.
This is also a pressure for them why don’t I own… what’s wrong in me? Parents should talk about these things to their child. They should share their experiences with them. Don’t make your child feel that if he or she loves someone they are doing something wrong.
If you don’t talk about these things, for eg if your daughter is suffering from a physical violence she won’t have anyone to talk about this. She’ll be suffering and will start to overthink which will result in a mental issue.

But if you made your child feel like this, that is the point he/she has stepped towards a DANGER ZONE! He/ she will be tempted to meet at a place which will not be a safe one. They’ll start to experiment with their life.
Just focus on how your child should live a happy life.
Peer pressure among teens is run-of-the-mill. But what’s dreadful is how it is affecting our upcoming digital generation. And truly saying it is just INEVITABLE. No amount of wonders can avoid it. From school to homes, colleges to offices everywhere it is the same scenario. Have you ever done something just because your friend or your colleague was doing it? This peer pressure forces a kid to do such things which are not acceptable by the society.

These things are alcohol and drug consumption, cigarettes, sexting, watching adult content, depression, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders etc. It can cause health issues physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Once a person starts to consume drugs then definitely its a trap for him. It’s hardly impossible to get out of it. Many side effects such as hair loss, extreme weight loss, nausea, start taking place.

It’s just not the teens who are facing the problem of peer pressure but also the adults.
For instance, many couples try to be sexually active, just because others are.


take your own Stand


1) Changes in sleep patterns

2) Sudden drops in academic performance.

3) Lack of interest in favorite activities.

4) Self-imposed isolation.

5) Feelings of guilt or self-hatred.

Nowadays every one of us owns a cell phone and definitely are active on social media. Teens spend a lot of spare time keeping up with their friends online, reading comments and posting photos. A simple act of “liking” a friend’s social media post may create a form of virtual peer influence.
Statistics never portray a fake story and it’s very depressing to state that the results of research studies done on college students indicated that 25% of the students face some sort of mental health issue.
Being parents of teens, you must know that most of the college students die of doing suicide due to depression. More than 1000+ students commit suicide every year. After an extensive research, American Psychology Association (AMA) found out that depression is a leading health issue faced by college-going students and peer pressure is one of its several causes.
It is natural for parents to panic after knowing these facts. The purpose of sharing this information was just to point out the need for immediate actions to save our younger generation and to make sure that they remain healthy.

Few tips for you:

1) You are a bad boy/ girl:
Never feed your child with negative thoughts, it breaks their self-esteem.
Explain to them that some words or actions are bad and might hurt or harm somebody. But don’t tell them that it makes them a bad boy/girl.

2) Don’t compare them with their siblings:

It makes them feel jealous. They’ll feel left out. It develops a feeling of dislike for the sibling.

3) Don’t do this, otherwise, don’t talk to me:
Never ask children to stop talking or arguing. Let them raise questions and share their opinion freely. Rather talk to them if you want them to stick to your advice.
Tell them what they are supposed to do and what is right for them.

4) ‘Let Daddy come and I will tell…’
This is the most common mistake of every mother. This can be a double hazardous situation. This indulges a feeling of threatening and fear. He would never trust you and won’t ever think of sharing his feelings with you.

5) ‘No one wants a kid like you’
“Kid is not a problem” They are the shadow of their parents. You can’t blame your kid. They learn everything from their parents, friends, and surroundings. Remember, he/she didn’t choose to be in the world that surrounds. You chose that world.

Having peers is a good thing, but having negative peer pressure is bad. So all you have to do is choose wisely in order to touch the skies of success.


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