A new revolution: Skills matter, Degrees don’t !

   “The  biggest  adventure
   you  can  take  is
       to  live  the  life  of  your  dreams”                – Oprah  Winfrey


If I were to draft a certificate for the most bitter judgment of our society or about our own Indian culture,  it would be based on the education system which may be divided into two categories – the one who scores well is hailed as a “legend” and the other is believed to be “dumb“.
Nevertheless, failure is not what our culture can think of accepting. The word FAILURE is so much frowned upon that FAILURE himself thinks that he is a FAILURE  and this is THE END. The society not only includes strangers but our own parents, friends, teachers and who not. The meaning of failure that the dictionary gives is “lack of success”.


FAILURE means that you did not attempt to do something, and not that you did not do something well. Attempting to do something and not doing it perfectly the first time does not mean that you have failed.

It simply means that you need to keep working for whatever you want to achieve and not quit. Hard work and practice leads to success. Just because you do not do something well the first time, do not give up. If you give up, then you’ll never improve. Giving up and accepting defeat is as much a failure as is never trying in the first place.

I chose this topic for my 1st blog because I’ve been watching my own brother going through this BATTLE, he didn’t score well in his 11th std.
He is passionate about music and playing piano and further wants to make a career in the same. He has been attending events of some great artists and participated in them too. But the never-ending comments of the society is constantly on the move “There is no career in music, concentrate on your studies. Learn from your cousin who scored better grades than you.
All possible ways to make him feel demotivated in his own skills, talent, and passion. But this instead gave him more strength to focus on music. Now he’s so capable that he performs with the great artists.


So, when you fail, you begin to realize that good things don’t come overnight. We can’t have our cake and eat it too. We have to work hard to accomplish our dreams to realize our goals. When he failed repeatedly, he began to realize this more and more.

You have to be so strong to face a lot of hurdles on your way. Losing hope so early will not do.

This is what a courageous person does in his life: he begins to redefine his value and reprioritize in life.

He develops new ways to deal with and handle his emotions. The wild glacier of failure can wreak havoc on emotions. It’s a difficult challenge to stay focused and committed when you’re upset and swaying from the pain of failure.

Your emotions and mood swings can be all over the place, going up and down like a rollercoaster ride.

Failure is definitely painful for the one who suffers from it. It is emotional. Oftentimes, one can not bear it.  You have to make an effort to learn how to refocus and retrain your mind to see the positive side of things rather than the negatives.

Look forward, 10yrs down the line, when you’ll become so successful, achieve all that you have ever wanted in your life, your goals, your ambitions…people will forget that you ever failed. There is nothing bad about failing, we all are humans, we learn from our mistakes.

The mind is a lot like the lens of a camera – it will see whatever you focus on. When you train your mind to focus on the right things, you can cope better with the emotions that might make their way to the surface.  And guys please keep one thing in mind,
Whatever happens, happens for good. “Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you.  Every situation can bring with them lessons that last a lifetime.”


never give up. Don't lose hope !!
This is a scientifically proven fact that ” as much as you stop a child from doing a particular task or a thing you don’t want him to, he’ll end up doing great in that.
Today there are limitless jobs in every field… what’s lacking is just the skill required for it.
 If you have that skill just go for it with full confidence without giving a much thought.

 Don’t ever compare yourself to the others who are earning more than you. This might seem like something you should worry about but trust me when you meet that person you’ll soon realize money’s not worth it.

And then your inner self-questions you- “Do you want to give your life to the company, where you are ordered to do a particular task which doesn’t make you happy or instead do something with full heart and giving 100 percent”? You’ll get to know what you yearn for. If you make choices which only pleases others or you are sacrificing your dream to fulfill others, I believe you can never be truly happy in your life.

You’ll always have a feeling of regret within your self. Your mind will constantly worry about what other people think, you will never take the time to focus on what makes you happy. You shouldn’t do something… because it will make someone else happy but not YOU.
Never compromise your goals, dreams, and happiness just to satisfy someone else. It is YOUR life. Never listen to someone who discourages you from your skill.


In the end, I would like to give three tips for parents to remember:
1) At the end of the course, when unexpected or poor results come in, research shows that reacting with frustration, anger, lecturing or punishment isn’t the best way to get better results.
2) Consistent and responsive parenting will do more good than a punishment approach.
3) Give and seek specific feedback on your child’s progress – especially the reasons behind any unexpected results.
 Just Stay FOCUSED.
Follow your DREAMS.
FLY as high as you wish to.

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