DEPRESSION- meaning, causes and examples

Just out for an evening walk with my friend, walking behind me pulls me from the back and says, “I’m depressed”… I’m frozen for the next 10 seconds, standing numb, DEPRESSION such a big word. And a cluster of questions pops up in my mind. What is that?  How does it happen? Why every other teenager uses this horrifying word?
Just because your friend stopped talking to you, or because your maths exam didn’t go well, or is it because you are confused while choosing your career??


Depression is when sentiments of misery, hardship, discomfort, irritability last longer than about fourteen days, influence most parts of a man’s everyday life and prevent them from doing things that they used to find pleasure in.

Depression is exceptionally hard to explain, on the grounds that likewise with any mental disorder, it feels distinctive for everybody.
Perhaps you can use one of these to disclose your issues to individuals stuck in an unfortunate situation understanding what you’re experiencing.

Depression often manifests in the form of thoughts that make us overthink over our choices, decisions and even the purpose of life. It makes us feel the following
1. “It’s like you are stuck in a quicksand. The more you struggle to get out the deeper you sink in.”
2. “It’s like you’ve suddenly lost your voice, you shout and yell but noone can hear you .”
3. “For some depression feels like a cage, trapping them and blocking their happiness.”
4. “It’s a vicious cycle. It keeps drawing you in deeper and deeper.”
5. “For some, depression is like, a movie without any image.”
6. “It’s like everything around is out of focus and blurry.”

What’s new with a social trap like the Blue Whale Test instigating children to take their own particular lives?

Parents wherever should all of a sudden be keeping a sharp and apprehensive eye on their child’s mobile phones and PC ’s. And so, they should. At this point, everybody’s mindful of the Blue Whale challenge online that appears to connect adolescents into taking fifty difficulties, all including self-mischief, beginning with simple tasks yet in the long run intended to end in the victim ’s suicide. These games just cause depression and then death.

Another thing could be, depressed children opt to play this life challenging game.
Similarly as in the Netflix indicate 13 Reasons Why, where a secondary school young girl records, on 13 tapes, all that hurt her enough to take her own particular life. After 13 Reasons Why, the next social amusement is the Blue Whale or the right now trending Momo challenge making up the fourteenth reason.

depression exampples


blue whale



Dr. Sujatha Sharma, co-maker of a psychological wellness preliminary Television program called ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ brings up that while it’s simple to accept the adolescents who fall prey to the Blue Whale are altogether discouraged by their friends and families.
“Are these children low achievers? Are they loners and totally friendless? Or is it something else?”

Going up against a challenge or a dare is something that adolescents get a kick to do more challenging tasks. Victims of the game incorporate 130 teenaged deaths from Russia. There have also been deaths associated with this test reported all around from countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, India, Italy, and the US. This included acts like covering the gamer of the gamer with a plastic sack, bouncing before a moving train, and tying and fixing a rope around the neck until the point death happened.

Prevention of such games such as the blue whale challenge is crucial, through clear checking methodologies and furthermore stricter cyberbullying laws. Observing erratic behavior in kids and teenagers, being aware of poor school performance, and educating them about online safety is crucial to preventing such tragedies



There is no particular target age for Depression. Certain circumstances or situations can result in depression. Fortunately, treatments are available for the same.


Tragedies are inescapable throughout our life. We should have the potential to deal with them. Things like a passing of a friend or family member, a divorce, so on are hard to deal with. And whatever we can do is just move forward in life. These things are a part of life. Just unpredictable and inescapable. In any case, as is commonly said, time heals everything.


In today’s society, there are some unneeded pressures on everyone like-

    • Secure first rank in school,
    • Get into IITs or a reputed college by 18,
    • Ideally get a job by right on time or mid-20s ( that too 6 figure pay)
    • Tie the knot by late 20s and so on.
    • As for ladies, it must be more awful ( fair complexion, perfect spouse, menstruation issues and so forth.) That is the reason ladies are twice as more inclined to depression than men.
    • With growing competition these days, children can without a doubt fall into depression. That is the reason we have such huge numbers of  YOUNG SUICIDES.
      To them I would simply recommend this: Ignore the world, don’t compare yourself to others, everyone has their own capability, just focus on yourself. We have one life to live… just enjoy every precious moment of it.

Live to the fullest !!




Love disappointments, brutal relationships, disappointment, etc can be criticized for depression. Also, nowadays many individuals get into relationships only for it and not on the grounds that they truly feel love towards someone in particular. In the event that somebody really loves you, you’d know. They won’t take you for granted and won’t make you feel extremely upset.




Do I truly need to clarify this? Online networking was begun for socializing and connecting with individuals, rather it turned into a device to fulfill our needs be it physical or mental. Furthermore, the present age judges themselves on the number of likes. “Less number of likes = I’m sufficiently bad for anybody… “. Wake up and see the world through your eyes.



social media



Many people, especially men, attempt to overcome depression by the intake of liquor and drugs. Yet, what they don’t know is that depression strikes back harder. We have become used to these things and have turned out to be reliant on them, disregarding the way that they are really hurting us.

Look for help… It’s alright… It’s treatable.

AASRA-Aides in suicide counteractive action dejection young suicide .- –

A few days back I heard that over 10% of Americans take anti-depression pills.

Is It really Depression or is it Sadness?

Sadness is a human feeling that all individuals feel at specific situations amidst their lives. Feeling sad is a natural response to certain circumstances that may cause pain. But like other emotions, sadness is for short period and vanishes with time.

In this manner, sadness differs from depression.
Depression is a more drawn out term. It hinders social, work-related, and other important areas of functioning. If left untreated, symptoms of depression may last for a long time.

Overthinking Is the Root Cause of All Problems

You should figure out how to quit overthinking. It’s the silent enemy that will gradually kill you, overthinking will only dump you in a pool of disappointment, regrets, and self-hatred. Thinking one thing over and over again will do no good rather You should make sure to let yourself know, whatever happens, is just a part of life, it’s the truth, and even if it’s not true, there’s nothing you can do about it now.

Apart from this, it bothers your rest.
In case you’re an overthinker, you definitely know you can’t rest when your mind won’t stop thinking.
Studies affirm this, thinking over one thing and stressing on it prompts fewer hours of sleep.


Depression varies from sadness. The emotions you have will influence all parts of your life. Sadness is a psychological instability, not a feeling.

Indications of symptoms may include:

• constant feeling of sadness

• irritability and restlessness

• extreme fatigue

• changes in sleeping or eating habits.

• difficulty in concentrating on a particular task.

• loss of interest and passion for things which used to give joy

• feelings of deep regret

• feelings of uselessness

• constant thoughts about death

• suicidal thoughts

You may have some of these indications, however, they shouldn’t last over about  14 days.


In case you’re encountering sadness, some minor way of life changes may help.

• Socialize with other people, join any sports activity
• Build in time each day for an activity you enjoy.
• Watch funny television shows or movies, or read a light-hearted or funny book.
• Engage in physical activities or sports.
• If you love animals, spend time each day with a furry friend.
• Simplify your life as best you can.


Kapil Sharma, the popular Indian stand-up comedian, Actor has been forever troubled since then and has faced innumerable issues and even depression. But now after some medications, he is recovering.



But Self-will is very important in anything. Only you yourself can help overcome depression.

You are your own hero.!!!



Studies show that the government spending on health care of an average Indian is ₹1,112 per capita or just ₹3 per day. As per the World Health Organization (WHO) research, one out of five Indians (the likeness 200 million individuals ) may experience the ill effects of dejection in their lifetime.

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